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The Previous Glens Tour - 2012

Glens Tour 2012

“D-Day to VE-Day”

France, Belgium

& The Netherlands

September 6 — 19, 2012


Sponsored by


The Glens Association


Facilitated by

Jolly Tours & Travel


Glens Tour 2012 was a very succesful tour thanks to Carol MacAleese, Jolly Tours & Travel, our Friends of The Glens in Europe, the tour organizing committee, and the tour participants. When is the next one? We hoped that we would be there in 2018.

Courtesy of Honorary Glen Wigger Van der Horst
Courtesy of Honorary Glen Wigger Van der Horst


  • To follow the route of the Glens in 1944 /45 from D-Day to VE-Day.
  • To commemorate the second landing of Landing Craft Infantry (Large) 299 on Juno Beach.
  • To remember the Glens who did not return from the Second World War.
  • To renew our friendships with our European Honorary Glens and Friends of the Glens.
  • To thank the people of Leesten (Zutphen) for their commemoration of the memory of the Glens killed liberating their community in 1945.



  • D-Day’s Juno Beach & Juno Beach Centre
  • Hell’s Corner — “The Glens’ Bloodiest Square Mile”
  • Abbaye d’Ardenne—the memorial to 20 Canadians executed
  • The resting places of Glens who paid the supreme sacrifice in 1944 & 1945
  • Glens memorials throughout North West Europe
  • Canada’s Vimy Memorial & the rebuilt city of Ypres
  •  Museums with a special Glens connection
  • Communities that remember the Glens in special ways
  • Sites of major amphibious operations of the Glens
  • Great European cities and countryside

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