Annual Reunion

Starting in 1948, members of the 1st Battalion, Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Highlanders gathered on the weekend closest to D-Day (June 6th) to meet & greet, dine together, and complete the weekend with a memorial service. The reunions alternated between the four cities from which the unit was organized in 1940 - Peterborough (Headquarters Company), Kingston (A Company), Brockville (B Company), and Cornwall (C & D Companies). The 1st Battalion Association held these annual reunions until 2000 when the age of the members restricted their ability to organize the reunions.


The newly formed Glens' Association took over the responsibilities of convening the Annual Glens' Reunion. The Association maintain a deep sense of respect for the traditions established by the 1st Battalion in 1948. 

Reunion n. 1. reuniting, being reunited. 2. a social gathering of people who were formerly associated.


Source: "The Oxford Paperback Dictionary", Oxford University Press

Details on the current Glens' Reunion are covered under News.

Annual Memorial Service

An important part of the Annual Reunion is a memorial service dedicated to those Glens who died on active service.


A key part of the service is a memorial slide presentation created by Gregory Pollard. Greg Pollard is the nephew of Lance Corporal George Pollard who was murdered at l'Abbaye D'Ardennes, Normandy in June 1944. Lance Corporal Pollard's remains have never been found. Many hours have been spent creating this memorial presentation.


The names of the fallen are read by young members of the Unit in synchronization with the presentation. A very moving time.


The Pollard Memorial Presentation

The Glens' Association

Cornwall Armoury

505 Fourth Street East

Cornwall, ON Canada

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